Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jamaican Patty?

Simply put, it’s a flaky, golden, handmade pastry filled with traditionally seasoned, savory Jamaican beef or chicken. Baked to perfection.

Did Juici Patties create the recipe for the Jamaican Patty?

We certainly created the delicious recipe for the traditional Jamaican patties that we serve! Patties are a Jamaican staple and though patties will contain similar ingredients, every patty chef likes to put their own little twist on the traditional Jamaican recipe.

How many patties does it take to fill you up?

Well, guess that depends on how much you normally eat and how much you’re craving a patty! Our most popular item on the menu is the Beef Patty Combo which comes with two patties and a drink. But, if you’re a little hungrier, you’ll find something called a Mega Patty Combo too! Click here to see our full menu

When was Juici Patties founded?

Juici Patties began when 16-year-old Jukie Chin, the company’s founder, started making patties in his mother’s kitchen and selling them in his parents’ grocery store in Jamaica. The first Juici Patties location opened in 1980. And today there are more than 60 Juici Patties locations on the island of Jamaica! And now we are expanding in the United States! 

Does Juici Patties have the most Jamaican Patty restaurants in Jamaica?

Yes, we do! With more than 60 Juici Patties locations on the island.

Do you cater parties with patties?

Americans and Jamaicans both love a good party don’t we? On our menu you’ll find what we call a Party Pack, consisting of 12 patties. That’s a small party. We’ve definitely made patties for large events like wedding receptions and company picnics. Need hundreds of patties? No problem!

Is Juici Patties a franchise?

Yes! Juici Patties is a franchise, which means it’s possible for people who qualify to own their own Juici Patties location in the United States. Our main office supports all of our franchise stores in various ways, from recipes and food production to guidance and training on how to run your own Juici Patties restaurant.

Do you ship patties to other cities and states?
Unfortunately we do not offer shipping at this time