About Juici Patties

What’s a Jamaican Patty?

If you’re new to Juici Patties and the delicious, island goodness that is “the Jamaican patty” you’re in for a treat! It’s a flaky, golden, handmade pastry filled with traditionally seasoned & savory Jamaican beef or chicken. Baked to Juici perfection!

What’s On Our Menu?

Not sure what you want? We get it. And we got ya mon. Check out our serious Jamaican Juici Patties Menu! Choose from Jamaican Beef & Cheese Patty or Jamaican Chicken Patty with a slice of fresh avocado.

So, Why a Jamaican Patty?

If you know, yuh know, right! And, if you do know, you’re probably on your way to a Juici Patties right now to pick up a patty to go!

And if you don’t know, you soon will!

Seriously, Why Wait?

Can’t wait to enjoy a Juici Patty (or two)?

Want it fast? We don’t blame you!  You can order Juici Patties ahead now.

Need a Party Pack of Juici Patties? We’ve got that too! Pick up a Party Pack of 12 patties!

How Did Juici Patties Become So Popular?

Because we care about every customer who walks into a Juici Patties restaurant! We trust you feel that the moment you walk through the doors! We know you’ll taste it in each and every bite!

We got our start serving one customer at a time. And we’ll never forget the special part our customers play in our story, as Juici Patties grew to become the largest and most popular patty restaurant in Jamaica!

The company’s founder, Jukie Chin, started making our signature Juici Patties in his mother’s kitchen and selling them in his parents’ grocery store. Today his son, Daniel, leads our Juici Patties American team as we serve up some serious Jamaican flavor, to some serious Jamaican food lovers!

Seriously Savory

Our Juici Patties are made using the finest traditional ingredients. Sourced fresh every day.

Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Pimento Seeds


Green Onions

White Onions


Our heritage was born in Jamaica. And we keep our Juici Patties’ story close to our hearts to help ensure we maintain strong ties to our past. We serve up flavorful tradition to every customer we have the privilege of meeting at our restaurants.

More Than Patties!

Patties are what we’re all about! Authentic, island flavor in every Juici bite!

Beef patties. Chicken patties. Sometimes mild. Sometimes with a little more spice! We’ll add cheese, sure. Like yours with lettuce, tomato and cheese? Absolutely!

But, we’re also very serious about smiles!

Yes, along with our food that’s bursting with traditional Jamaican spices and flavor, we’re committed to providing you excellent service in a clean, fun atmosphere!

Come visit Juici Patties today!

Word is out! These Jamaican patties are amazing, and with every bite, Juici Patties is growing!

We’re looking for people who want to serve serious Jamaican flavors to serious Jamaican food lovers, and in the process, build a business that could help you change your life!

Like what you hear? Love serving people? Love helping your community? This well-seasoned opportunity might be for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can bring a Juici Patties to your city, please visit our franchise website today at juicipattiesfranchising.com