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What’s a Jamaican patty?

Thank you for asking!

When Americans crave a burger, Jamaicans crave a patty! From mild to spicy. Single or combo. Juici Patties celebrate Jamaica’s serious unique and diverse cuisine with one of Jamaica’s favorites – the Jamaican patty! We’ve got something seriously delicious for everyone’s taste buds! 

Delicious Crunchy Beef Patty

When You’ve Had a Juici Patty,
It’s Serioulsy Hard to Keep Quiet!

The Juici Patties Story

From the Island to the United States:

Juici Patties began when 16-year-old Jukie Chin, the company’s founder, started making making our signature Juici Patties in his mother’s kitchen and selling them in his parents’ grocery store.

The first Juici Patties location opened in 1980. With only three employees – A cashier, a baker and Jukie himself! Today there are more than 60 Juici Patties locations on the island of Jamaica!

Jamaican Patties in USA

And now we are expanding in the U.S.! Juici Patties’ first American stores opened last summer. Soon you’ll find us all over South Florida serving our flavorful Jamaican patties built on years of culinary tradition and just the right amount of Jamaican spice!

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Interested in owning a Juici Patties location of your own?

Juici Patties is offering qualified entrepreneurs who love our food and love people the opportunity to own a Juici Patties restaurant in select US markets! And we’re growing fast! Interested in bringing a Juici Patties and all the traditional Jamaican spice that goes with it to your city? Learn more at our franchise website.

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