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21 - 03 - 2024
Juici Patties

Whether you’re organizing an office party or a birthday bash, don’t waste time doing an internet search for “food catering near me,” or “Jamaican food catering near me,” go straight to Juici Patties. You can’t beat it for a convenient way to provide delicious hand-held meals for a large group of people of any age. After all, who doesn’t love serious Jamaican food?

Juici Patties For all Tastes

If this is your first time trying Juici Patties, don’t worry, you will not be disappointed. A patty is a beautiful thing – flavorful spiced meat encased in golden, flaky pastry. All baked to Juici perfection. 

When it comes to spicy stuffed pastries, we have something for everyone. We offer beef, and chicken. Don’t forget that when it comes to spices, every chef likes to put their own twist on a Jamaican patty, and at Juci Patties, you’ll find a unique flavor that you’ll keep coming back for. 

Juici Patty Packages

You can customize how we cater your patties, whether you want individual orders or bulk patty packages. We offer:

  • Patty combos: Combos include a patty and a drink, a patty with coco bread and a drink, one or two patties with fries and a drink, a patty with cheese combo, or a patty with avocado combo. You can also have a mixture of combos.
  • Party pack of patties: Buy ten patties and get two free. This is a great option if you need catering for very large groups.

Patties for Every Occasion

Why not spice up your event with a taste of the islands? No party is too large or too small for Juici Patties. Our patties are fresh made to order so you won’t have to compromise on flavor. Here are a few examples of the types of events we have catered: 

  • Corporate meetings
  • Bachelor parties
  • Family gatherings
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Welcome home party
  • Baby shower
  • Company picnics

If your event is not on the list, we can still oblige, whatever the number of people you are inviting, even if there are hundreds.

Why Patties Are Perfect For Your Event

There are so many reasons why Juici Patties are perfect for any event. Here are some of the most important:

  • Healthful: Every bite of a Juici Patty is not only delicious but, with its fresh meat and spices, a much healthier option than other fast foods.
  • Convenient: Whether you’re enjoying a family picnic in the park or a staff party at work, Juici Patties are a convenient hand-held meal so you can eat and mingle.
  • Everyone’s favorite: Old or young, from any culture or tradition, Jamaican patties are loved by everyone. 
  • Low carb-high protein: Juici Patties are packed with protein and have fewer carbs than many fast food items. 
  • Satisfying: One patty will leave you feeling pleasantly satisfied, but there’s nothing wrong with going back for another. 
  • Less clean-up: Portable foods like patties mean that you don’t need to put out silverware at your event. 

Here’s why Juici Patties Are So Popular

It’s no secret. We care about every single customer who walks through our door. We want you to feel our Juici Patties welcome not only every time you come to eat with us but also when we bring our food to you. We want you to taste the love in every single bite.

We started on our road to success by serving one person at a time. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we never forget that even now Juci Patties has grown to be the largest and most popular patty restaurant in Jamaica. 

We’ve come long since our founder Jukie Chan started making our signature Juici Patties in his mother’s kitchen and selling them in his parent’s grocery store. Today, Jukie’s son Daniel is at the helm of our Juici Patties operations in the U.S. as we dish up some serious Jamaican flavor to foodies in love with the taste of the Caribbean. 
Here at Juici Patties, we’re always ready for a party, so, when you ask, “Do you provide food catering for a party near me?” our answer is always yes. Visit our website to find a store closest to you today to discuss how we can cater for your event.

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